Saturday, October 8, 2011

We finally picked up our meat order today, and I'm very excited to have a stocked freezer!  This is what I ordered...

30 Day Family Pack Special $299.99
30- 8 Ounce Ground Round Patties        1 lb packs
2 -3 Pound Chuck Roasts
2 -Pounds Beef Stew Meat                           1 lb per pack
4 -12 Ounce New York Strip Steaks       ½ stew meat– ½ ground beef
Substitute New York Strip for dollar equivalent of
stew meat and ground beef

12- 8 Ounce Pork Chops                               4 per pack
10 Pounds Pork Country Style Ribs        short ribs
6 Whole Boneless Chicken Breast         1 per pack = 6 meals
1 Whole Pork Shoulder Roast                    cut in half
5 Pounds Bacon3                                            pork chops 4 pack
Substitute for pork chops 

12 Sausage Links                                              all Boudan
3 Pounds Breakfast Sausage                     hot breakfast sausage
1 Pound Cheese                                      Ground beef
Substitute for ground beef dollar equivalent
Extra Cost
 2- Meat Loaf Mixes 1 ½ lbs of beef & 1 ½ lbs of ground pork each wrapped separately and the together.
2 Whole chickens

These are our before and after pictures...
Our poor little empty freezer with nothing but these Nathan's hot dogs I couponed this week, homemade salsa, mashed bananas for yogurt, the vegetable beef soup from this past weeks menu we didn't get to because we had so much pulled pork! Oh wait! Don't forget the yeast for bread making in the back left corner!

I know the title says 30 days, but, in all honesty, this will last us at least six weeks, if not two months easily.  We will eat like kings the entire time.  This is all grade A grass fed Angus meat.  Whether it's chicken or pork, it has been fed the proper diet that God intended, not man!

It seems like a lot to pay $300.00 all at once, but if it lasts six to eight weeks for every meal your family eats then it's a great bargain in my opinion.

Our total cost out the door was $317.00.  If the produce I get from volunteering at the farmer's market fills in the balance of our meals, then our food budget is roughly $ 350.00 for two months including extras like milk and cheese, etc..

I know everyone may not have both the volunteer farmer market opportunity and the *great* local butcher shop we have, but if you dig around and peek into a few corners you honestly could probably  find the equivalent of exactly what we've come up with.  A little work goes a long way in this area!

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