Monday, October 10, 2011

Simple Gifts

Many times people associate the "Simple Frugal Life" with hard work, sacrifice, little to no entertainment, and an endless line of things you can't have because it doesn't fit into the budget.  I guess for some it is that way, but for me I choose to admit to myself and my peers (no fronting here) that I do have budget limitations, but I have endless resources at my fingertips and an abundance of time and love in my heart.  It's very true that we can't splurge on expensive gifts, dine-out meals, or the latest clothing fashion, but what we can do is recreate the gift, meal, or fashion our self.   

A friend of mine recently celebrated her 40ith birthday, and had a wonderful get together with several couples.  As usual, a gift was not expected, or even anticipated by our birthday girl, but I wanted to give her a little treat to show her how special she was to me!  This is how I got around a budget that has zero dollars in the gift category.

I will admit, I did spend money on this gift, but the total was under $10.00.

This is how I did it:

  • First I picked a theme, and since it's turned into fall around here I thought it would be nice to make a little "just for me fall escape pack" as a gift. 
  • I bought the wine at Wal-mart and it was my big splurge item.  The cost was $5.64 (if I remember correctly) and I was able to take it out of my monthly food budget. I used ribbon I already had, and took a few sprigs of wheat from the fall decorations I had decorating my own house.
  • Next I made her a Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub, and used a recycled jar and ribbon.  I had all the ingredients for the scrub in my existing pantry so no out of pocket cost there.
  • I bought a votive candle and glass holder for $1.00 for the pair.  I suggest to keep your eye out for things like this at thrift stores.  
  •  The bag was bought at Goodwill for $1.21.  I love the bag personally!  It was one of those times as a woman when you find something that is just up your alley, and you want to keep it for yourself. But you sit there for a minute or two and wrestle with yourself over how much you really like or love the person who you are giving it too!!  Well as you can see she won out! ;-)  The tag inside was from Bath & Body Works, I love it when other people buy nice things and then just dis-guard them as trash.
  • Last on the list is chocolate.  What kind of friends gives you wine, body scrub, and candle lighting but no chocolate?!?  I know it's the cheap chocolate, but it still does the job!
 As you can see a little thought, work, and sacrifice went into getting this gift ready, but is that not what gift giving is supposed to be about?

I encourage you to try your hand at something like this. Even if your budget can accommodate gift expenses this is a nice way to show someone important that you really thought about them, not just the fact that you bought something.

~ See you tomorrow...

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