Friday, October 7, 2011

This Week in Pictures

I thought I would give you a glimpse of a few of the things I've done this week.

Sunday, I cooked the pork shoulder in the rotisserie, and shred it for a "pulled pork" style of dinner.

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 Monday was a typical Monday!  I did manage to get a fresh batch of salsa made before the day was over!


Tuesday, I couponed before the sale week was over at Publix.  This was a nice little haul.  I only spent $12.24 after tax and saved$33.11!  I know! I know!  There are boxed meals on the table, and frozen GM (genetically modified) veggies, but when push comes to shove if the world is coming to an end as we know it at least we'll have something to eat! =)

Wednesday, was filled with dehydrating, Laundry,  and life...

Thursday was another busy day volunteering at the market before I hit Publix for this weeks new sale.  Plus coffee was the penny item this week and who can pass up coffee for a penny?!?  I also put in our meat order and will pick up tomorrow. Btw, today's total was $22.48 after tax, I saved $51.81

And Friday, will be full of cleaning a couple houses for our side money, getting ready for the canning class on Saturday, and enjoying the weekend.

Have a good weekend and enjoy your family!

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