Freeze Yer Buns Challenge

This is a challenge I found last winter, and thought it was awesome for several different reasons.  Certainly for the sustainability issue, but for my budget as well.  It's easy to make a commitment when the start date is far off.  Kinda like "Yeah, I'm going on a diet at the end of the month."  Sure ya are, me too!

Anyway, this challenge is totally worth trying.  It's a challenge you can't lose!  All you have to do is lower your thermostat.  By how many degrees is up to you.  The real point is not to suffer, but to realize that things can't continue the way they've been going and it's time to not only do your part but to prepare yourself for the change.  In our house we are going for 60 degrees in the day and 55 degrees at night.  We do have a fireplace and have collected free wood all summer so we will use that as well but our goal is to not to use our natural gas heat till it goes below 60.  I can tell you already that the kids are going to complain but it because they are modern kids... they have become soft and are used to total climate control year round.

I challenge you to at least review your bills from last winter, (you can access graphs with totals on your carriers website) and see if you can drop the total.  It will help your budget, and the environment.

Here is the website I found it in! Freeze Yer buns challenge 2011

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