Fall Check List

Fall To Do List 
  • Open doors and windows to air house out - In progress
  • Wash drapes, summer bedding and pillows
  • Get the heavy blankets & quilts from the attic, replace summer bedding.  I washed winter bedding before storing it for the summer so all it need is too air out on the line for awhile
  • Change clothes in closets & drawers 

  • Put our wind breakers and heavy coats in the coat closet, trade our flip flops and sandals for tennis shoes and boots 
  • General deep cleaning of the entire house, pantry, garage -
  • Put out the fall decor (this is one of my favorite things on the list, the deep cleaning not so much so!) 
  • I begin to think and plan for all the warm, comforting, filling foods I'm going to make for my family - In progress
  • Chop more firewood - In progress  

This is approx half of what we started with this summer.

We have 3 full rows and working on the 4th.

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