Monday, February 27, 2012

Homemaker or Desperate Housewife?!?

Long time no see I know! I started a weight-loss challenge on New Years Day and it requires me to blog twice a week on it or be kicked out. I like most of the modern world have only so much time in the day so I laid this blog aside for a little bit. I might not be back in full blogging swing but I'm at least here!

I was working on orders for fruit and veggie baskets today and someone posted a status update on Facebook (where I get the orders from) which said " Productive morning! We've done some school work, baked a wheat loaf, wheat sandwich rolls, cookies, and biscuits. Chicken stock is working on it's own. The house smells amazing!" That comment got me thinking... I have very productive days and then sometimes I have days where I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels. Regardless of the days outcome I'm working daily to improve the lives of my loved ones. I'm working to stretch our dollar farther than humanly possible, I'm working to become more self sufficient and not rely on the big box stores to meet our needs.... I'm WORKING! I'm working on being a Homemaker not a Desperate Housewife!

So with my weight-loss challenge being so fresh in my mind, and all the motivation and support I have received from it I thought I might issue a Homemakers Challenge here! Here is the best part.... you make your OWN goals for what you would like to accomplish in YOUR homemakers journey! No following me, or jump through this hoop and that hoop. Just making progress in your own home on the things that directly affect you and your family.  It could be learning a new skill like baking bread, or seriously addressing your food budget and learning how to stick to it, or heck for those with several small children it could be making sure the kids toilet stays flushed! You would need to link up once a week and post something on your blog with pictures showing what you accomplished this week! No goal to big or to small.

So what do you think? Any working mamas out there who could use a little encouragement and a gentle nudge now and then?!? Come on it's only 10 weeks... you can do it! You're already working so you might as well have a little fun while doing it!

Leave a comment here or send me a message on Facebook or email if interested!


  1. I want to play! Usually each week i have a cleaning struggle with myself (typical college kid). But I would love to have to prove it. :)

    I could pack up 10 different areas or do 10 donations... or 10 boxes to be packed for home. I love this challenge.

    1. You are so awesome! I really don't know how you follow up with everything and everyone! Well you can be my first challenge participant!


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