Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gone to the dogs!

Tonight I cooked sauteed beef tips, quartered new potatoes and boiled with salt, pepper and butter, made white rice for McClane, and roasted a head of cauliflower.  Last but not least I whipped up some homemade brown gravy from the sauteed beef drippings!  Yes, I know my southern roots are showing here but bless my heart!  Anyway to the point here... Woofus, my little Maltese, was the only loved one other than myself who would try the cauliflower.  He LOVED it!  Every time he finished a piece he was snorting and 'woofing' for more.

Normally this behavior is annoying and gets him tossed in the kennel, but tonight it was nice to have at least one male in the house who didn't turn their nose up at the cauliflower.  I loved it and even if no one else eats it I'm going to keep making it for me and the dog!

So what's the motto here..... umm... the neighborhood, um, I mean, the dinner, has gone to the dogs!

See you guys tomorrow!  Saturday will feature another installment of Homecooking Saturday, so please stop by sometime this weekend.  Also, Racey is working on a really large piece of content that will be added in the next several days sometime (and it's so long it'll probably take you several days to read the darn thing) so keep your eye out for that.  Between the two of us, I'm the whimsical, non-grammatically correct one and he's the long-on-facts-and-information-and-short-on-whimsy one.  We hope we're both worth reading  =)

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