Saturday, December 10, 2011

Real Life = Change of Plans

There is one thing I've noticed here in blogger world, that is people usually only blog about how amazing and unique their life is.  It can give you an impression that the blogger is somehow different than you.  I think that is great most of the time, because lets be honest here, who wants to waste their time reading about some boring life like their own, but in reality they are more like you than we realize.  In light of this I figure I would tell you how ordinary my life is and how like you I really am.

I had big plans for this weekend which included cooking dinner in my pressure cooker to post the tutorial pics here, making two Christmas gifts of my homemade body butter, enjoying a kid free house with my husband for the weekend, and pretty much de-stressing after a very difficult week with two pregnant daughters one of which is due any day now and the other is expecting identical twins who is having serious complications!

Instead, this is what has happened.  Racey came home sick Friday afternoon with a sore throat and was beginning to have a tooth ache.  By 7:00 p.m. we were in the car driving a hour one way to get pain medication from his mom, hoping we could patch things up and scoot by till first of the week.  Saturday was filled with pain meds and lots of moaning.  Sunday, I awoke with Racey's cold, and his tooth pain was now more than the pain medication could take care of.  We both laid on the couch hating our current situation and longing for the grand weekend plans we had anticipated.  Sunday night rolled around and we found a dentist who would do an emergency appointment for and arm, leg, and of course tooth!  We rushed to the office only to experience the "worst dental visit of a lifetime", Racey said.  We left empty handed and still in pain.  As of today, Monday, we are waiting for the oral surgeon appointment and I am just dealing with being a wife and mom who is sick but can't stop taking care of others to be sick myself... Here's hoping this week takes it easy on us.    

I apologize in advance for all the grammatical error, but my editor is knocked out on pain killers at the moment!

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