Thursday, December 15, 2011

Making Bread Crumbs

As I talked about yesterday, bread crumbs are very easy to make and can contribute to a frugal kitchen.  The only thing you need to make this product is stale bread, and who doesn't occasionally have a few slices that go stale!

I know many of you ladies could make bread crumbs with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back so I apologize in advance for such a basic post, but not to long ago I had no idea were to start! So this post is for my friends out there who like me are starting from scratch.

  • Bread - I bake my own bread so I had three mini or dinner loaves two of which I had tossed in the freezer sometime ago.

Slice bread and place in oven to toast.  Some ladies I know let the bread sit out on the counter or windowsill till crisp.

Once toasted crumble by hand and place in food processor.

Blend till the majority of bread has turned into crumbs.

I like to use my sifter to separate the larger pieces from the crumbs.

Then re-process large crumbs.

This is an in between size of crumb that I sometimes use for homemade casseroles as a bottom layer.

Here is a sample of the finished crumb.

I use a plastic container I found at Goodwill to store the crumbs.

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