Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Food Insurance

Here in the states we have insurance for most everything.  Auto, health, dental, life, disability, homeowners, you can even get vacation insurance!  The one thing most people don't have and really don't think about is food insurance.  What is food insurance you might ask?  It's not an actual insurance policy, instead it is a stockpile of food your family could live off of in case of an emergency.  The emergency could be a natural disaster all the way to a financial disaster.  If your family's bread winner was to get their pink slip today with no severance package how long could you continue to feed your family without family, friends, government, church, or food bank assistance?  Most families could go about two weeks but not much longer.

How many of you were prepared for all the snow we had last winter?

Were you one of the thousands who were running to the store for bread, milk, and a few other essentials?  We were!  I will say that it was mostly for milk and diapers because I had my niece and nephew during the storm and when my sister dropped them off she only left enough for the days she had planned to be gone.  Notice the key word there "planned".  No one plans to lose their job, or to get hit by a natural disaster or emergency.  We should, we plan for everything else we can think of!  Now please know that I'm not talking bomb shelter, 1 billion rounds of ammo or a swimming pool full of drinkable water here!  I am advocating though at least a fourteen day supply of the basics in food, water, medication, etc..This amount of storage and preparation is not over the top, it's prudent.  Fourteen days is really just enough time for you to get your bearings and try to figure out what your plan for recovery is going to be.

I know all of us are aware of the current economic crisis this country and most of Europe is suffering through.  Our stock market is like the newest roller coaster at Sixflags.  Unemployment is through the roof, foreclosures are at record highs, and has anyone other than me noticed the price of food lately?

It's time to hope and pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.

What can you do to prepare?  That's the easy part!  Start with the basics.
  • Store a two week supply of water. One gallon per person per day minimum. This is for cooking, drinking, and hygiene. Buy a 55 gallon barrel, get several 5-6 gallon jugs (in the sporting goods dept.) or fill up empty soda/juice bottles. Make sure to use food grade plastic, but not milk jugs as they deteriorate too quickly!

  • Make a list of food you eat on a regular basis and start to buy extras each time you go to the store. Example: rice is on your grocery list this week, buy a 10 lb. bag to be put in your emergency pantry. (Couponing is a great help while building your supply.)
  • Powdered milk.  If you can't stand the thought of drinking this remember you can cook with it and save the fresh milk for drinking.

  • Medication is a must.  If someone in your house has any medical condition that can flare up and need medication without warning (asthma, allergic reactions, seizures, etc.) or you have a medical condition that requires a maintenance medication such as blood pressure, ADD/ADHD, depression/anxiety, etc., you need to keep a separate 14-day supply on hand. 
  • Think about your family and their specific needs.  I don't have small children anymore, so for me to keep a jumbo box of diapers in my emergency pantry is pointless.  Sure, a small pack is fine for the rare occasions my niece and nephew could be there, but in our case an extra pack of toilet paper would be more beneficial. 
Above all just start to prepare.  You never know, one of your family members or friends could need you to help them...
See you guys tomorrow!  

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