Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Frugal Kung Fu Part 2

How's your Frugal-Fu these days?  Ours is strong.  Here's the second installment of our new Frugal Kung Fu series designed to fatten your wallet without thinning your lifestyle...

Frugal Kung Fu Tip #2:  Quality of Life Assessment
        Sit back for a while and think about what you spend your money on.  Then think about the cost of whatever you’re doing or buying, whatever it may be, and think of it in terms of your wages.  Think about the cost of a nice dinner for either you and your spouse or maybe your entire family.  What’s the bill at the end of the night?  $30?  $50?  $90 even?  Think about how many hours of work it takes you to make that much money and, before you spend, ask yourself if it’s really worth it.  Train yourself to think in this manner every time you reach for a store shelf and start to pick something up.  Ask yourself if the amount of time you would have to work to pay for the cost of that item is really worth it.  Maybe you’re on the road a lot and you find yourself in convenience stores for things like drinks and snacks.  Look at what you spend in an entire month on just picking up a soda here and there or whatever it may be.  Then ask yourself if it’s worth it.  If you really take a magnifying glass to your everyday lifestyle, you’ll probably find that you can’t really justify some or possibly many of your habits. 
        I’m not suggesting that you go around thirsty all day because you shouldn’t spend money on a soda.  What I am suggesting is that you find an alternative way to continue doing what you’re doing.  If you’re always popping into a convenience store for a drink, instead, bring a cooler with some ice and a six pack of Coke in it.  Make your coffee at home instead of stopping at the local Starbucks.  Bring snacks and food with you before you leave for the day, which in many cases can be something you couponed for next to nothing if you use Frugal-Fu tip #1.  If you go through a fast food drive-thru with any regularity, stop!   It’s expensive, unhealthy, garbage pseudo-food!  If haven’t seen “Super Size Me” you should.
        Overall, just take a serious look at your quality of life.  We’ve found that we actually have a higher quality of life by not being slaves to 40 hours and our ‘stuff’.  Get off the hamster wheel.  Step back from the newest iPhone and forget the newest Android.  Quit being a blind consumer and try and focus on what really matters like the quality and amount of time you get to spend with those you love.
        If you haven’t seen it, I highly encourage you to take a quick look at “The Story of Stuff.”  It’s less than 20 minutes and you’ll get a better idea of what I’m getting at here.  It's really worth the watch.  Unless you have something overly pressing to do in the next 20 minutes click the "full screen" link below and learn yerself sumthin'.

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  1. fantastic video. i've sent the link to my parents, siblings, and children. i've also posted it on my FB status. thanks!


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